IAN G. “Look Back At What You Dont Want To Happen”



Ian G. is the new project of EDOC and PHEELTEK, two producers based in Santander with a similar approach to cutting-edge electronic music. After a match in local festivals, both decided to assemble the two proposals and IAN G. was born as a result. The first one (EDOC) has several releases in labels like Dubkraft, False Flag Operation and Avant Scissor while the second is right now producing his first EP.The sound of Ian G. is based on the textures development, vocal processing and bass lines accompanied by rhythmic unstructured basis creating atmospheres somewhere between industrial, snatches of dub influenced by basic channel, rhythm & sound, adding a personal touch.Lovethechaos Records has been one of the first victims to get down on the knees of the hypnotic sound of this new duo. Their debut album will be released in format 12 “in early June 2012: 4 tracks of raw & rough slow developments and melodies that combine breathtaking moments of excitement and melancholy.An introspective album that works as a symphonic poem difficult to classify but full of charm; a work full of menacing atmospheres that awakens a sense of interior seclusion. The best you can do: simply to listen to it.



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