STRANGE2 & NEV.ERA “diario sonoro”



Strange2 & Nev.Era (a.k.a. David Jornet & Sergio Mesa) meet together to bring to Lovethechaos factory a new brand album. This time by using the concept of “distance” as excuse. The two Spanish musicians, one from Paris –where he lives- and the other from Barcelona, decide to give shape to their current crea- tive feelings in the distance. What started as an experiment, kind of friendly challenge between two friends –exchanging melodies, samples, sounds, street recordings- has turned into a 9-tracks-album with a particular sound. They started to work with the idea of not moving too much away from the brand that any of them have as solo artists, but this work shows that this collaboration could have been reached something really skillful within electronics. This album undoubtedly represents a step further in their career.
“Diario sonoro” distills melodic electronics all around with a fine soundtrack touch; a new collaboration that has a lot to do with technology (Skype has been a very important tool in the making of the album). “Diario sonoro” is a compila- tion of fragments taken out from the daily life (phrases, conversations, thoughts, feelings…) written with the ink of the musical notes; a collection of sounds expressed through musical arrangements in∫stead of a piece of paper. The result: an electronic orchestra in which any sound is worked to the detail and put into the place that deserves; a powerful production within a conceptual trip to unknown paths. “Diario sonoro” could not be easy at first listen, but more and more convincible in time. An album that shows that, finally, distance does not exist.



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