STRANGE2 “partes​.​de​.​un​.​todo”

STRANGE2 “partes​.​de​.​un​.​todo”
STRANGE2 “partes​.​de​.​un​.​todo”
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Strange2 is a minimal electronic project that explores the melodious side of songs through piano cyclical sequences. The creative austerity of the IDM music and the most intimate ambient-electronica are singularly mixed, in a dark universe of sounds, with complex atmospheres that provides this project the indisputable feeling of a film soundtrack.
In Strange2 music, melodies seem to be physically covered by the fogs of the autumn and noisy sounds that highlight his tracks in a particular way. Atmospheres placed in digital nightmares, non-regular beats, impossible loops… sometimes it seems that melodies stay trapped in a rhythm that will never end.
Without reaching the chasm of sounds of artists like Matt Elliott, there is something in Strange2 compositions that reminds him, but his shape and background are much more comfortable, enjoyable and extroverted. Firmly based on IDM influences, Strange2 music gets the timelessness that casts him beyond the obvious references, maybe achieved by the particular background of his figure.
David Jornet is a musician with a long career in the Spanish music scene (Klockwork, Asphalt!..) who presents his particular view of current electronics.


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